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I'm Bert, a Senior-Level IC Design Specialist with an extensive three-decade career spanning six design disciplines: advertising, web, editorial, product, branding, and packaging. My career has traversed over thirty industries and exeplifies my adaptability and problem-solving skills no matter the challenge.

A bit more detail
I'm like a battle-scared, expert trauma surgeon, having encountered and successfully treated every injury and sickness possible.
Like the surgeon, the breadth and depth of my design experience have prepared me to handle any design challenge efficiently and effectively under any deadline scenario—I've always delivered.
I thrive in fully remote work environments that champion independence, continuous improvement, and straightforward communication.
My work style amplifies my commitment to delivering high-quality work efficiently. I am an invaluable asset to teams that value agility and innovation in their design processes, instilling confidence in the quality and timeliness of the deliverables.
Being nimble and ego-free are necessities to move efficiently and be effective.

I'm interested in…
I am interested in a remote senior-level IC design role that allows me to team with colleagues, partner with clients on complicated digital design issues, and lead design with expertise in strategy, design, execution, and delivery—from 0 to 1.
I'm also interested in a single project or consulting opportunities.
My résumÉ
My résumé is a good summary; you can download it here in PDF format.
My complete career experience can be read and reviewed here.

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Case Studies


Surrogacy Escrow Management Software

This software project was an exciting combination of Healthcare, Finance, and Legal industries to deliver design solutions simultaneously. We had to give unique design considerations for HIPPA and data security efficacy.


Ophthalmic Inventory Management Software

Aging legacy software needed modernization. The software manages an inventory of tens of thousands of custom lenses from the factory to surgical implantation globally.

Lead and Solo Designer.


Wholesale Vehicle Auction Software

I was the lead, solo designer on this 2 million dollar refactor of 30-year-old legacy software for an organization that auctions thousands of vehicles in hours.

Lead and Solo Designer.


Workbench Acoustic Testing Application

The user interface of existing legacy software needed to be updated, and some new workflows based on customer feedback needed to be introduced. I solved support issues by redesigning the interface and experience of this custom desktop application.

Lead and Solo Designer.


Exotic Vehicle Sales Mobile Application

I designed a mobile application to automate and take over a complex and convoluted lumping of functionality from multiple applications, making the process of selling an exotic vehicle cumbersome. I designed this idea into software.

Lead and Solo Designer.


AIO Acoustic Control Application

The AIO is rack-mounted hardware that runs custom software for testing audio components. The user interface needed modernization and updating to communicate that testing was in progress and address consistent support issues.

Lead and Solo Designer.

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